Accreditations & Recognitions

Accreditations & Recognitions


PIPAC is accredited by:

Inter-Laboratory Testing Programs

PIPAC participates actively in interlaboratory comparison and proficiency testing programs ran by international and local agencies. Among the international interlaboratory testing programs in which PIPAC participates are:

In its participation in such inter-laboratory testing programs, PIPAC has consistently ranked among the top laboratories in terms of providing accurate and precise results. The following inter-laboratory test results illustrate how PIPAC consistently manages to come close to the exact amount of analytes present in standard test samples.
  • APMP-APLAC-KRISS 2014-2015 Joint Proficiency Test Program (Korea)
  • FAPAS International 2013 Proficiency Test (UK)
  • ITDI 2013 Proficiency test (Philippines)