Our Guiding Principles

Our Guiding Principles


PIPAC is an internationally recognized chemical testing and R&D institute.


  • To serve the chemical and scientific needs of private and public institutions by offering:

    1. Reliable, cost-effective and fast chemical analysis
    2. Training in the use of classic and state of the art methods of chemical analysis
    3. Research and development services in the solution of industrial, health and environmental problems
    4. Consultation services
  • To continuously upgrade the methods, operations and the quality of PIPAC services according to international standards
  • To support the development and application of chemical science in the Philippines
  • To enter into collaboration and strategic alliances with institutions with similar goals in the Philippines and other countries


PIPAC maintains in strictest confidence sensitive client-supplied information and all findings of work done for clients. No publication arising from research work supported by a client is made without previous approval.

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